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Why you should lease IPv4

When looking to obtain an IPv4 address for your website, the first option that may come to mind is to buy one. However, there is also the option to lease an IPv4, which may be a more suitable choice for some individuals or businesses. In this article, we will explore the advantages of leasing an IPv4 from Prefix Broker.

How does leasing IPv4 work?

Leasing an IPv4 address is similar to leasing a car. The address is loaned to you for a monthly fee, with the broker owning the IPv4 address technically. This means that you are free to use the address as you wish, as long as you continue to pay the agreed-upon monthly fee.

Financial commitment

One benefit of leasing an IPv4 is the lower level of financial commitment. For example, if you are unsure about the success of your website or business, leasing can be a more sensible option than buying an IPv4 outright. If your website fails or you no longer require the address, you can simply stop the lease without having to bear the high cost of buying an IPv4.


Leasing also provides a greater level of flexibility compared to purchasing an IPv4 address. If your website grows and requires a larger pool of IP addresses, you can simply lease additional addresses as needed. Conversely, if your business needs change, you can choose to stop leasing the address without having to worry about the hassle of selling or transferring ownership.

Monthly payments

Another advantage of leasing an IPv4 address is the cost structure. Rather than having to pay a large upfront fee, leasing allows for monthly payments that can be more easily budgeted for. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses or startups that may not have the resources to make a large investment in an IPv4 address.

In conclusion, leasing an IPv4 address provides a number of advantages compared to purchasing an address outright. The flexibility, lower level of financial commitment, and cost structure make leasing a more viable option for businesses of all sizes. That’s why you should lease IPv4!