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Types of ads on Instagram

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There are two ways to display Instagram ads yourself:

In the Facebook Ads advertising cabinet and Via the Instagram mobile app.

These Instagram ad formats make it easy to launch campaigns.

Types of Instagram ads in the FB ad account

Select a goal when creating each ad campaign:

The goal is the result that you are aiming for with your ad campaign. Based on your chosen goal, Facebook Ads proposes ad options that are most relevant to you.

Brand awareness is suitable for advertisers who want to show ads to users who are likely to remember them.

Reach the largest number of people in your audience and control how often they see your ad.

“Traffic” is meant to motivate people to visit your site or download an application.

“Engagement” is designed to let people view and connect with your posts or Facebook page.

Installing an application will increase the number of installations of your application.

“Video views” – to get more views of video content.

“Lead Generation” allows you to get leads interested in your services or products.

“Conversions” – to motivate people to take valuable action on your website or Messenger.

“Sell by Product Catalog” – This ad promotes your products from the catalog.

Instagram ad formats

There are three ad formats to choose from in the Instagram feed:

Ring gallery (carousel);

An image or video;

An existing Instagram post can be used.

The ring gallery can display two to ten photos or videos. Such ads contain a title and a button.

Single image or video – An ad format in which you can upload one image or video.

Video format for Instagram ads:

  • minimum 600 x 315 pixels;
  • format – MP4, MOV;
  • the maximum size is 4 GB.

Featured is a format that allows people to find, browse, and purchase products from their mobile devices:

Launch Instagram ads via mobile app

Similar to advertising in Ads Manager, promoting a post directly through Instagram can solve several problems. There are different types of Instagram ads for this:

  • a post with a photo is suitable in most cases;
  • video is suitable for increasing coverage;
  • the gallery is suitable for displaying multiple products.

Post promotion can be done from your own post by clicking the “Promote” button:

We select the target group and launch an advertising campaign:

The advantage of this kind of promotion is the ease and speed of installation, as well as the ease of analysis. However, you should understand that due to the minimum of settings, it is more difficult to select the target audience.

Instagram ads like this do not require in-depth expertise from you, so you can launch campaigns yourself. It’s important to understand: targeted advertising is a separate area of ​​promotion; there are separate specialists for its launch. If you have insufficient knowledge and understanding of the promotion processes, we advise you to contact the professionals.

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