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Trust a specialist when it comes to industrial bakery equipment

For industrial bakery equipment, you go to Rademaker! Rademaker is globally renowned brand that develops and provides industrial bakery equipment and solutions for the food processing industry. They have over 40 years of experience in their field of work and have therefore established a wide knowledge on food products, production technology and the best industrial bakery equipment.

Order a bespoke solution or a standardized production line

Whether you need a standardized industrial machine or if you are looking for bespoke bakery equipment, Rademaker provides all you need. The production lines and turn-key solutions ensure maximum capacity and efficient machine performance within your company. In addition, thanks to the easy changeovers and piece-of-cake maintenance you will have the lowest possible cost-of-ownership when it comes to this equipment. One of the main examples is the processing of dough. The industrial bakery equipment of Rademaker can be used to shape dough products into numerous varieties. In addition, you can also use these machines to cut, mold, roll, fold, and bend the dough. Next, you use the production line to fill the products with sweet or savory fillings thanks to depositors. Finally, finish off the products with toppings like sugar, seeds, raisings, chocolate drops, egg yolks, and much more! All of this, done in the blink of an eye thanks to a bespoke solution from Rademaker!

Receive meaningful advice on your equipment and machinery

The worldwide market forces Rademaker to constantly innovate their industrial bakery equipment, resulting in the best possible solution for you. Whether you are looking for custom-made production lines, industrial bakery systems or turn-key solutions and equipment, these specialists ensure you receive the highest quality. Make sure to contact these experts and find out which solution fits you best. You will receive meaningful advice based on your company’s goals and capacity. Your desires and requirements make the blueprint for new industrial bakery equipment.