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The most scenic and beautiful roads to drive in Norway

Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries in the North of Europe. The Scandinavian countries have probably the best road infrastructures in the world, and the same goes for the quality of their roads. Norway is not an exception to that. Rather, if you have to compare the roads of Norway with others, they are of very high quality; some roads have been specifically designed for their scenic beauty. We will describe a few of these roads in this article. We will recommend you to book a rental car in order to facilitate you with a good travel experience. Rent a car and drive out in Norway’s amazing nature. It will help you if you want to experiencing all the scenic views.

Top roads in Norway with the most scenic views

Since almost all scenic roads in Norway are extremely beautiful, it was extremely hard to choose the best roads. However, after a lot of research, we present you with these 6 routes that are sure to impress you:


This is one of the most famous roads in Norway, for both the locals and the tourists. This road goes along the ocean. It is so unique that it goes over tiny islands, then passes over the oceans to other tiny islands. This view might be a little scary at first, but it is a sight to remember.


If you want to pass through some of the most iconic beaches in Norway, Andøya is a route you cannot miss taking at all costs. It would also be fun to cycle your way along this route, and once you are tired, you can sit and relax at a beach. The beaches are peaceful and there will not be many people.


The roads to Lofoten will take you across some of the most beautiful lakes and mountainous forests you can ever see. If you are planning your trip in the summers, we can give you no option that would be better than this route.


A trip on the road across Ryfylke would be a very good choice to make. You will come across many gorges and beautiful tunnels that will imprint the scene deep into your memory for the rest of your life. However, since it is in a remote place at the corner of Norway, not many people prefer to visit there.


This is a walk-able route in the highest mountainous plateau of northern Europe. The forest view coupled with a mountainous terrain will make it a walk worth remembering, and it will be the best place to visit for a morning walk.


This is probably the most famous route in Norway that starts from Geiranger. This road has the most adventurous appeal to it. You will also come across some amazing attractions like the Seven Sisters’ waterfall.

You should not miss out on these roads if you go to Norway at all costs. However, there are a lot of other interesting routes and tourist destinations you should consider, because Norway is all about beauty. With a rental car, you can easily drive all the roads in your own pace. You can compare rental car companies online before you go here, Since Norway is also a part of the European Union, you can take a route to other countries and also visit their beautiful locations. The more you make of it, the more it will become a tour you shall never forget.