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Specialists in chemical composition analysis

For the development of a product, do you need knowledge about the chemical process? Solids Solutions in Delft can provide you with specialists in the field of solid matter. We conduct research into the properties of powders and particles. We analyse chemical compositions and on this basis we are able to develop new techniques and make improvements to products. In case of problems in production, for example due to segregation, we look for a solution. In addition, you can follow courses and seminars at our academy in the field of particle technology.

Porosity measurement

Determining the porosity of matter can be done in different ways. You can also contact Solids Solutions for this. In our laboratory we perform a porosity measurement by means of physical gas absorption. On the basis of this measurement the pore size can be measured. We use two techniques for this. In the first, a TDC detector is used to measure the amount of gas that has been absorbed. The second technique is the volumetric technique, which provides more information about, among other things, the pore volume and the BET surface.

Particle size analysis

The shape and size of particles is crucial for the properties of certain products. The size of particles affects the operation, storage and flow behaviour of powders. At Solids Solutions, we carry out a particle size analysis to determine whether particles are the right size for optimal performance. This can, for example, improve the quality of paint. We do the same with droplet size analysis. The size of droplets is important for the operation of sprays. One can think of medication, but also of the use of pesticides in agriculture. Feel free to contact us for more information.