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SME manager of the future, you see opportunities


As an SME manager of the future, you see opportunities and you dare to make decisions, even if the risks are difficult to estimate. You are alert to changing market conditions and you are not afraid to adjust your strategy. You excel in creativity, digital decisiveness and problem-solving ability. In short, you are a born leader who is happy to lead an entire team. Each and every one of these qualities that you will perfect during your bachelor’s thesis in business start-up.
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We give you a broad view of companies and their various departments. You will be armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to weigh choices and make decisions in a well-founded manner. Tax, marketing, HRM or accounting issues? You know perfectly how to tackle them. You can defend your idea and defend that choice with verve based on your knowledge of a business, marketing or communication plan. Starting your own business and leading a team therefore become a real option.


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