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Getting the right communication headset for your company

Using communication headsets makes working much easier and brings a lot of benefits:

  • Hands-free working
  • Protection of ears
  • Bystanders can not listen in
  • High wearing comfort
  • Discreetly portable
  • Different types of communication headsets

There are, of course, numerous communication headsets on the market. A good way to learn about all types of headsets is to go through the features of the various models and types.

Are you planning to purchase headsets for use in your organization, for instance for plant tours communications? Then there are several things you should take into account. When in doubt or for advice, you can always contact AXIWI. They are happy to help you make the right choice for communication headsets.

Comfort is key
No head is shaped the same, so a headset that feels good for one person may actually be a horror for another. Earphones in particular can be very uncomfortable for some users. Therefore, make a solid choice and have your staff test out some earbuds before you purchase the headsets.

Particularly for use in noisy environments like plants, noise cancelling microphones offer a solution. When transmitting speech, it is desirable that the microphone filters out all ambient noise. You will find this feature only in the most advanced headsets. These lightweight headsets use simple earpieces and a cable that you connect to the receiver.

Want to know more about working hands-free with communication headsets?
AXIWI produces high quality headsets for many different markets. Feel free to contact AXIWI for advice or a quote on headsets that best suit you and your business. Want to test? Make an appointment and convince yourself!