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Customised refrigerated transport: Frigo Group ensures an uninterrupted cold chain

Frigo Group specialises in refrigerated transport, both nationally and internationally. They ensure that the cold chain is not broken and work with experienced drivers who meet high quality standards. Good planning and clear communication are essential in refrigerated transport, and Frigo Group transport Netherlands has modern means of communication to follow the trucks in real time. At Frigo Group, everything is done to ensure that the frozen or refrigerated transport arrives at the customer’s premises in perfect condition and on time.

Frigo Group also offers other services such as freezer transport, order picking, groupage and customs clearance. They specialise in various industries, including fish, meat, bread and chicken. Frigo Group has a modern cold store where frozen products are stored at a constant temperature. They work with a tailor-made Warehouse Management System and ensure flawless delivery.

Frigo Group is a reliable logistics partner that values transparency and flexibility. They operate in various industries and can provide both national and international transport.

What are the VAL activities Frigo Group carries out on a daily basis?

Frigo Group carries out various VAL activities on a daily basis in the Netherlands. VAL stands for Value Added Logistics and includes additional services that increase the logistical value of goods. Some of the VAL activities Frigo Group carries out on a daily basis are order picking, container handling, freezing and customs handling. These services are part of the total solutions offered by Frigo Group Transport and Frigo Group Logistics to their customers. Frigo Group Transport has specialised in international general cargo transport in the Netherlands. They provide daily transports with refrigerated/freezer trucks, tautliners and tilt-trailers to various destinations in the Netherlands. Besides transporting chilled and frozen foodstuffs, Frigo Group Transport also has expertise in transporting steel and machinery. They offer competitive value for money and meet all (quality) requirements thanks to their ISO 9001 certification. Frigo Group Transport is a reliable partner for customised logistics solutions in the Netherlands.

What is important in refrigerated transport?

In frozen logistics, it is important to ensure the quality and safety of perishable goods. There are several aspects that are important here. First, the transport vehicle must be equipped with a functioning refrigeration system to maintain the right temperature. In addition, the goods must be properly packed, for example in insulated containers or using refrigerated packaging. It is also essential to carefully plan the transport route so that goods arrive at their destination as soon as possible and are not exposed to high temperatures for an unnecessarily long time. Finally, it is important to strictly follow compliance with applicable food safety regulations to ensure that the quality of goods is maintained during refrigerated transport.