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Buy your whey protein concentrates from this experienced supplier

Do you want to buy whey protein concentrates for your company? And do you want to be ensured of high-quality products that you can sell to your customers? Then you are at the right place at Interfood. It is located on 14 different places worldwide and it specializes in dairy products. They supply these products all over the world, thanks to more than 300 different enthusiastic employees. With more than 50 years of experience in the area of dairy products, they are able to guarantee the best possible whey protein concentrates and many more other products. Not only supplying high-quality products, but also a customer-focused approach is an important aspect of their services. This makes Interfood one of the leading global dairy suppliers; they facilitate the distribution of over 1,100,000 MT of dairy products per annum.

The advantages of whey protein concentrates

Whey protein concentrates are of course a very commonly-used product amongst people who actively exercise or play sports. Muscle growth and weight loss are two of the main reasons that this product is very popular. Whey is a by-product of cheese production and it contains, of course, a lot of proteins. There are various protein concentrates on the market, but whey is considered to be the best protein powder for sportive purposes. It is a complete protein that is also low in lactose content. When you mix it with milk or just water, you can easily create the famous ‘protein shake’. At Interfood, whey protein concentrates are manufactured from sweet cheese whey by ultra-filtration, evaporation, and spray drying. Because of the sweet cheese, in combination with milk, the protein concentrates have a sweet flavor.

Contact their specialists 24/7

Do you have further inquiries regarding the supplying of whey protein concentrates from Interfood? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists at the location of your choice. The teams from this company are available 24/7, so you are able to ask your questions at any moment.