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Analyse your data in an easy and efficient way by using breeding software from this company

To support the entire plant breeding process, you can use specially designed software. This so-called breeding software is developed to create a structured and organised way of working. When you want to improve the breeding process of your own company, it is a good idea to call upon the help of the specialists from Agro Business Solutions (ABS). This company has created software solutions that are an excellent support for agricultural companies in the Netherlands and that operate at an international level. They have developed software which is especially designed for companies that specialise in plant breeding, seed multiplication, and fresh produce. ABS offers the possibility to customise their software and deliver it in such a way that it meets your requirements. This means there is always an ABS software solution for your agro business.

How does the breeding software from this company function?

The breeding software from ABS provides you with the analytical tools with which you can gain more insight into your business activities. In other words, you have the possibility to organise and centralise your data. This data is also easily accessible, which makes the breeding process more efficient and monitorable. The software programs support all crops from flowers to vegetables, fruits, and field crops. The three main software solutions from ABS are:

  • ABS Seed
  • ABS Breeding
  • ABS Fresh

These three software solutions are customisable on the basis of your business needs and purposes. The ABS Breeding software is a multi-user application can be accessed from different locations and by different users at the same time, a function that can be installed by adjusted user rights to guarantee reliable management reporting.

Benefit from a great user experience

Are you curious about the possibilities of the breeding or other software solutions from ABS? Or do you want to receive advice from their specialists? Contact them and they make sure that you know all the benefits of their software, based on your business situation. Entering, checking, and analysing your breeding and variety trials has never been that easy!