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Achieve a good drying result with a belt dryer

Dutch Dryers BV is specialised in designing and manufacturing industrial drying systems for a wide range of applications. Some businesses and farmers need to dry their products before they’re able to pack and transport them. This needs to happen as quickly as possible and has to be done in an efficient way. A belt dryer is the best solution for this purpose. With many years of experience, this professional provides you an amazing service and is constantly ready to help you and answer all your questions about a belt dryer. This expert has clients all over the world, from Lithuania to Spain and The Netherlands.

A very sustainable solution

A belt dryer is a very sustainable solution. You can use a belt dryer if you wish to use process heat in order to dry products with a high moisture level to turn it into a dry product. With a belt dryer, a temperature of 50 °C is enough to achieve a perfect drying result. The material is transported on a moving belt, while hot air is being sucked through the material to dry it. This way, you save up on labor time and you can enjoy an efficient production process. This expert can also provide you with a combination of a drum dryer and belt dryer.

Get in touch and discover the possibilities

Are you interested in a belt dryer by Dutch Dryers BV or do you want to make an appointment to discuss the options? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with the enthusiastic employees. The will gladly provide you with lots of information about a belt dryer, so you can discover the different possibilities of this innovative system. Do you have any specific questions for this expert? Wait no longer and call them to discuss you requirements.