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6 Rural Areas in Italy that Make for a Great Holiday Location

Summer is near and people are searching the internet for different locations to visit for holiday. Italy is one of the countries that have a lot of historic and ancient towns that you might want to check out.

Apart from the fact that it is home to Vatican City, other cities, like Naples and Pompeii, have attracted a lot of tourists in recent years.Italy vacation experience should be something you should check off your bucket list.

There are a lot of rural areas that are great holiday locations. However, 6 of them stand out and they are.

  1.                 Castelmezzano: This is a small town in the mountains of southern Italy. It is arguably the most beautiful town in the whole of Italy. Because of the numerous hiding places in this town that is surrounded by mountains, it was a refuge to a lot of thieves in the 19th century. However, that is no longer a problem for tourists anymore. During the summer there are a lot of visitors in this town and the streets are very busy, but the town has about 1,000 permanent residents.
  2.                 Naples: Also called Napoli, this is where the original pizza was birthed. The strong African affluence and narrow, winding streets give this city a strong personality. Nobody jokes with any food from Naples. You can also explore the Seafront fortress of the castle of dell’Ovo. The best part of Naples is the fact that it is close to Mount Vesuvius (the only active volcano in the whole of Europe).
  3.                 Pompeii and Herculaneum: In 79D, when Mount Vesuvius erupted, these two towns and villages were destroyed.Pompeii, which is the most popular of the two towns, can now be explored by you when you next visit. Around 3000 people were killed in the town, but the ruins have been immortalized by the hot ash. To enter the town, you might need to queue for a ticket. Herculaneum, on the other hand, shows how the wealthy Romans used to live. If you like history, visit the Herculaneum Archeological Area.
  4.                 Castelmola: It is situated on the island of Sicily. Of all the towns to visit in southern Italy,Castelmola is one of the most beautiful. Even though the town is small, it is worth seeing. The climb up to the village is a little bit stressful but the views that you get from when you get it is very rewarding.
  5.                 Tropea: There are different photo opportunities in Tropea for you to capture how ancient it is. Situated across the road from a beach and on top of some cliffs. People say that Hercules himself founded the city. The gorgeous churches are perfect places to visit if you are there for sightseeing. Tropea is one of the most beautiful towns in southern Italy.
  6.                 Sorrento: Anytime you visit Italy, Sorrento is worth visiting. It is close to Naples and gives off a vibe of both stunning history and little streets. Known for its gourmet cuisine, it has some yummy restaurants. There are also views ofMount Vesuvius.

There are a lot of holiday locations in Italy, if you are confused and finding it hard to pick a place to visit or you want to stay away from the crowds and enjoy the other parts of the country, you can easily pick one out of these six places as they are located all over the country.